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From a previous experience, I copied or moved an IMAP folder with subfolders earlier, but IIRC correctly the subfolders wasn't automatically copied (or I had some issues). (Think I tried drag&drop, and that probably did move, not copy. It's a while back
so I don't recall all details any longer.)

Dragging within an account should work better than it did in the past, but you still need to explicitly drag subfolders (if I remember correctly).

So, migrating email/IMAP folders, from one account to another,
_should_ I do it in MailMate at all?

This has to be a copy since there's naturally no IMAP command to do anything else. MailMate is very careful about not deleting emails in the source account until after the emails have been uploaded to the destination account (this happens in the background), but MailMate was not designed for this type of major restructuring. It might not be very efficient. Also note that due to how IMAP works then all other email clients using the IMAP account(s) are going to see any moved mailboxes as new mailboxes even if moved within the same account. This is just how IMAP works.

Should I do _one_ folder at a time?

It's always a good idea to start out with small test cases and then you can move more in one go if it appears to work as expected. (MailMate is not the only variable, some servers might also have trouble with large migrations.)

Or should I just use imapsync or similar software?
(I'm not talking huge folders, probably <500 emails per folder.)

Try a few folders and see if everything goes as expected, in particular, make sure the spinners stop when it's finished. Note that the `UID` column can be used to see which emails have or have not been uploaded yet.

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