I use AirMail on my phone, which is a decent although not perfect client. My main issues are:

1. Reply-To copies the previous to to the reply, instead of just replying to the sender. (Not a big deal). 2. Filing/Deleting/Archiving a thread acts on *everything* in the thread, including the messages in my Sent folder. (That's just wrong.) 3. Archiving on GMail simply removes the tags and leaves the message in "All Mail".

That last one took me a while to figure out. I have an AirMail action that copies the message to OmniFocus and then archives it. (The ability to create custom actions is one of the reasons I like AirMail). I would do that, and then go to my Mac. OmniFocus would have a link to the message (airmail:, but I have a script to change it to a message: link), and I'd launch it…and nothing. The message had disappeared from MailMate.

I assume there's no good way to make messages just available in All Messages visible in MailMate?

So while I work on the AirMail folks to add an option to make Archive move things to an Archive folder (which is what they do with Exchange, and presumably with normal IMAP), I need to figure out how to get those messages back into MailMate.

Does anyone know a way to find email messages on gmail that are *just* in All Messages so I can refile all the ones that got lost?
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