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so, with the new hidden pref(s), anyone have a recipe for hard expunging
sent and trashed messages > say 30 days?

2 different Smart Mailbox approaches:
  1. Mailboxes: Any of Sent, Trash;
     Conditions: Date is not within last 30 days;
     Rule: Conditions=[just exempting conditions]
           Action=Delete Permanently

  2. Mailboxes: All Messages;
Conditions: Any of: Tags/Keywords include \Deleted, Received Does Not Exist; Rule: Conditions=Date is not within last 30 days [and any exemptions]
           Action=Delete Permanently

I use something like #1 to manage my flood of list mail: Most messages in the mailbox sub-tree I use for public mailing lists get auto-deleted after 30 days.

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