On 24 May 2021, at 0:32, Randy Bush wrote:

>> If the default is going to be non-flowed email, the default font in
>> the composer should, I think, be a monospace font and a character
>> ruler should be displayed. Is that feasible?
> indeed, my composer font is Monaco 12, and i am very dependent on MM
> remembering the compose window width.  and i miss emacs M-q reflow.

I feel I need to clear up what might be a bit confusing. The (likely temporary) 
abandonment of format=flowed does not in any way mean that I think 
hard-wrapping anything is a good idea. Hard-wrapping is bad. Period.

MailMate encourages soft-wrapping and it should be handled by the email client 
without the user being involved at all. The user might want to set the window 
width to soft-wrap in whatever width works best for the user when writing and 
email (or use the new “View ▸ Soft Wrap Column” setting), but the email sent 
shouldn't in any way enforce this width for the recipient.

The discussion about “format=flowed” is about what works best when sending a 
soft-wrapped email from A to B. This is almost entirely a technical discussion 
about what works best in practice and the answer might not be the same for all 
users at all times. I some times joke that a (very long) book could be written 
about the From header in emails. A second book could then be about line 
wrapping in emails (it would be a lot shorter though -- the history/complexity 
of the From header is insane).

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