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>Not at all. I didn’t even see who posted the original request. I’ve got to 
>admit, I tend to glaze over the public requests for “a representative” for 
>many reasons. Not the least of which they seem to be turning the list into a 
>paging service for individual delivery problems. 


In this case, rather than attack Mr Wise in his lofty and remote lair (is it
still the nightmarish Bldg 10?) or hurl a Facebook PM, I posted a query here
because I thought there might be some useful information for the onlookers,
with the possibility of some amusing exchanges.  The goals were achieved.

>That being said I’ve known both the Michael’s for a very long time. MDR hired 
>me for my first job in abuse 16 years ago. 

Wow.  Time do fly.

   "There will be more spam."
      -- Paul Vixie

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