On Fri, 16 Sep 2016 20:44:18 +0200, Michelle Sullivan <miche...@sorbs.net>

>+1 to that Steve, no idea where it came from as it seems quite polite 
>and considered...  Those of us with long memories still have their 
>killfiles and still use them with maximum prejudice, but that just 
>results in silence rather than adversarial noise.

Conceivably it's an indication that things have been more civil recently.  I
also failed to see anything that vaguely approximated some of the classic
dust-ups on n.a.n-a.e and some mailing lists, mostly of yore.

Even some our own poorly-remembered bunfights over the years outrank the
recent trafic here.

    The Duckage Is Feep.
       -- Vaul Pixie

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