Hello Everyone!

Has had any luck with reaching out to Optonline postmaster? ​

We've tried a few tactics. The only real direct communication we've
achieved is talking through
their chat system. It's a pretty drawn out process that doesn't yield a
permanent solution.

We receive a lot of "Spam-related"
​ bounces, when the mail isn't spam...I know everyone says that, it's
true though!. They're legitimate addresses who have
active (positive) engagement. ​What tends to happen is we'll resolve
through the chat "clearing the issue" then the next week the filters trip

​Has anyone had any other positive experiences reaching out to this
Have they recently changed their configuration? Please respond here, or
send me a message offline
​ with
 any insight!

Dickie LaFlamme / Deliverability Specialist / Dyn
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