On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 11:56:14AM +0000, Eric Henson wrote:
> http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=614866&clcid 

Thanks, I was aware of this link however I'm more worried about a problem not
necessarily tied to my own case.

Another user using his own setup also gets spamboxed when mailing me, whereas
someone else using a different MTA doesn't get spamboxed.

I was hoping someone a bit technical could take a look at headers from a mail
I sent myself and tell me "yes there is something wrong, can't tell you what"
or "nope, the problem is not related to your message construct" so that I can
at least know I'm not going to spend time looking in the wrong directions ;-)

Sorry if this is not the right list to ask for similar questions but I know a
bunch of people here could help, trying my chance


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> Hi,
> I'm lead developer of an opensource MTA called OpenSMTPD.
> We run a mailing-list for our project with very low volume, exchanging a few 
> thousands messages each month to around 400 people, very few of them being 
> hosted at big hosts, all of them having subscribed voluntarily.
> In addition to this, we use a few mailboxes at major hosts and send some 
> mails every now and then to ensure we didn't break the smtp engine, this 
> usually amounts to less than 10 mails / month per big ISP.
> All of these mails respect all best-practices that we know of:
> - they are sent from long existing domains;
> - they are rate-limited despite low volume;
> - they are DKIM/DomainKeys signed;
> - DNS is properly configured with valid DNS/rDNS for the one IP address;
> - IP address is the same as the MX accepting mail for the domain;
> - SPF is properly declared, so is DMARC;
> I checked senderscore and we actually send so few volume we don't even have a 
> reputation visible there.
> I've started receiving complaints about users receiving their messages in the 
> spambox only at microsoft-hosted domains. No problem for gmail, yahoo, orange 
> and others, just microsoft.
> I did some testing, and it turns out that even the simplest mails will end up 
> spamboxed no matter what machine or domain I use to send. The reason 
> advertised in the Microsoft appended domains may vary if I turn off DKim, 
> strip some or all Received lines, but basically no matter my configuration, 
> mails will not be inboxed.
> I'm wondering if there is something wrong in the format of our headers and if 
> this could affect users of our software disregarding the kind of mails they 
> send with it. I've been tackling this for hours before contacting the mailing 
> list.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm running out of ideas :-)
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