Hi Ken,

Have you verified that your secondary can actually resolve their outbound
IP properly? I only say this because your situation reminds me of a very
similar incident many years ago where a legacy firewall rule was assuming
that query ports *had* to be 53.

Just a wild hunch, I still remember the time I spent tracking that one down
so just passing it on!


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On Thu, 2016-10-13 at 15:05 -0500, Ken Johnson wrote:
> Contact at Edward Jones or Alliance Data?  A user reports email not
> received, but nothing in my exim logs to show a delivery attempt.
> Edward Jones Technical Assistance confirms the from email addresses
> (nope,
> not in the exim logs) and provided the IP addresses of the sending
> servers
> -- not in the fail2ban log, not in the permanent IP block list.  EJ TA
> says
> 'host not reachable' for 3.5 hours.  On two separate days.  The
> authoritative nameservers for the reverse lookup for the sending servers
> are
> in bigfootinteractive.com.  (Bigfoot Interactative email services
> acquired
> by Alliance Data in 2005).
> The primary server (10) in the MX record for the destination would have
> been
> down, but the secondary server (20) was up.  If only the first one was
> tried, that would explain it.  EJ TA did not have information on this
> point.
> Ken
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