Can you just implement a rule that forwards the survey emails sent to those 
mailing lists, to the address?

It's a pain, since the mailing list addresses aren't normally behind a procmail filter.

I mean, you can't help what addresses are chosen by their users.

Yes, but they are 100% in control of what addresses they send spam to. Remember, the users may suggest the addreses, but they send the mail.

Like I said, it may be legal but it's really stupid.

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I keep getting surveys sent to addresses of local mailing lists that for 
obvious reasons do not want them and should never get them.

Each time I complain and tell them to send no more mail to that address, they 
send me what looks like a form reply saying that the addresses are chosen by 
their users so they can't (which of course actually means won't) block all mail 
to an address.

While that may meet the legalities of CAN SPAM, it's really stupid.
Anyone have any contacts there?


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