Anyone noticing delivery issue at Gmail ? Since past few day L'm seeing
delivery issue at Gmail where Domain and IP reputation carries high
reputation at Gmail Postmaster still mails are oscillating at Gmail ( Dips
in overall Inboxing ). I tried to reach out postmaster team via "Bulk
Sender Contact Form" but didn't see any Improvement.

As per my observation major inbox delivery issue with Google App's domains.
Is that causes delivery issue at Gmail ? OR is there any other parameters
that gets filtered ?

As per postmaster I don't see any issue issue w.r.t spam rate, domain / IP
reputation still mails are bulking at Gmail.

Also, last few days seen two cases where Envelope From domain & IP carries
high reputation still Gmail filtered mails as spam with reason as " We
found lot of mails from {domain} are spam" but if we look at Gmail
Postmaster it show high reputation. Is it false positive or some other
issue ? tired to reach out via bulk sender form but no luck.

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