On Fri, 2 Feb 2018 08:50:01 -0800
Michael Peddemors wrote:

> Invalid users should be less than 10% typically, if good bot net 
> protection in place before the RCPT TO stage..

Recipient verification is one of the first tests. Maybe I should enable
postscreen. Is this sufficient for bots?
> And simple 'Best Practices' policies and spam rules should get about
> 50% of the rest.. before handing it off to advanced content
> filtering..

Yes, DNSBL are getting a lot more than the content filter afterwards.

> Without full bot protection, RBL's and rate limiters BEFORE RCPT TO,
> you can expect MUCH higher rates..

Ok, I'll have a look again at rate limiters. They're enabled, but could
probably filter more.
- Chris

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