Speaking of which.. (can you tell it is Friday, everyone has time to be helpful)...

Our Spam Auditors noticed a fairly new 'email verification' network, at least the IP range.. majority of the - network used, and triggering various rate limiters..

Coming out of the Ukraine..

Someone is probably washing an old list using that 'service'.

#                      1   qzzqwwazrpi.my-addr.com
#                     1   aewqwwazrpi.my-addr.com

That is the naming pattern..

That kind of large scale process can throw your invalid recip logs a loop pretty quick.. and skew your stats..

Course, it is probably better than the list washing services using Amazon IP space.. at least they clearly identify what they do..

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Anything more than 5% bad recipients in mail sent by a given IP address will land you in hot water with ... certain ISPs. 😊




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 > I'm a bit surprised, that on a small mail server, 77 % of the rejected

 > mails are rejected because of invalid recipient adresses. 22 % because

 > of DNSBL.

 > Is this ratio normal?

There abouts, email is free, for a certain class, so adding a lot of names to the left of the @ is very old school but also a lot of the scrappers end up with all those weird usernames like 4ffb8ac-a0a-3cc0-e87c-65a3df124...@example.net <mailto:4ffb8ac-a0a-3cc0-e87c-65a3df124...@example.net>

that appear in email headers as part of references in mailing lists etc.

The ratio does vary depending on age and usage a domain has had so I'm serious when I say it could vary as much as +10 -50%.


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