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Spammers are abusing Google Groups lists of course, and I am sure they are working on it

It would be nice if the Google Groups would "confirm opt-in" like other mailing lists.

Have you ever tried to set up a mailing list for your family or school?

Sure. It seems polite to send people an invitation and ask them if they'd actually like to join the mailing list.

Does your company have mailing lists and require opt-in for them?

I'm self-employed. ;) But customers have mailing lists. These are very different from the "school" or "family" example though.

There are plenty of scenarios where its pretty impractical.

Unfortunately, making things "practical" is also very convenient for spammers.

It would certainly be easier for the abuse team to require opt-in, but then it would be a much less useful tool for a wide variety of use cases that aren't abusive.

Perhaps the default should be confirmed opt-in but allowing unconfirmed subcriptions after list owners jump through several extra hoops to prove they're not spammers? Account aging is probably a good start.

Also, at some level, you can just signup a new Gmail account and send email to a bunch of folks without any opt-in, so clearly there's a bulk aspect to these things.

Seems to me that allowing people to sign up for an account and immediately create spam lists is not a great idea?

At least on the mailing list, you can unsubscribe... modulo that working, of course.

Note that your unsubscribe via email works well. I have scripts that do it automatically when I get spam...


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