On 2018-02-13 15:07:33 (+0100), David Hofstee wrote:
Ok... So this is the clue with the Yahoo form... There is a contact form with a number of questions. One of the questions is

*Copy the entire message which triggered the errorPlease remove < and > characters around important information (e.g. IP addresses and email addresses).*

*Don't do that*. Just paste the headers and maybe the text version. Because the form is not POST-ed but GET-ed. This means that if you message is too long for a URL (most cases in email marketing) then stuff gets cut off at the end (and the processing fails).

Oh groan!

I really wish people would stop putting their abuse desks (etc) behind web forms. The abuse came in via email. Let us complain about it via email please.

The "everything over HTTP" culture is getting out of hand.


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