On 2/19/2018 5:16 PM, Christopher Vitulski via mailop wrote:
Since early February (roughly the 5th or 6th) we have been experiencing an open rate drop of roughly 13-17% at Gmail.  Our Gmail reputation tools show no changes and we have made no changes on our end that would affect these rates. Clicks, revenue and conversions have not shown the same drops so this almost seems like something on Gmail's end.
I wanted to offer some oblique information as well.  In the past few weeks, (Feb 6) we've seen Google implement a DMARC policy change for gmail.com that includes sp=quarantine.

I picked this up because our mailing lists modify sender emails for those with a p=reject|quarantine.

I think we have an error in our parsing because we are hitting on the sp= value which likely shouldn't be showing up anyway.

Perhaps others have better records of the change too.  I thought the date you mentioned was very interesting.


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