Hello Tonya,

>Currently connections are set at 1 yet we are still seeing too many 
>simultaneous sessions.  I am hoping to reach someone who can assist further.

not sure this applies to your case, but if you're applying outbound connections 
limits to a destination domain, and the destination MX manages multiple 
domains, you might in fact be opening more than 1 simultaneous concurrent 
connection to that MX.
You count 1 open connection from your MTA to virginmedia.com and 1 to 
ntlworld.com, but they are seeing 2 connections from your IP to their MXs.

Or, your MTA might in fact be exceeding configured limits during specific queue 

Both of the above are from direct experience.


Davide Migliavacca
cto, ContactLab
Tel +39 02 2831181

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