On Fri, 23 Feb 2018, David Carriger wrote:

I've just received an interesting escalation from our support team. We have a 
customer sending mail to recipients at the following domains:
With the exception of Rutgers, these are all hosted on Office 365. Once the mail has delivered, I'm seeing all of the links inside the email hit within a span of time varying between 1-10 seconds. For example, here's an unsubscribe in our database for <redacted>@mssu.edu:

And although the Rutgers MX listed aren't (.*)outlook.com, the underlying mail stores (especially within the domains you listed) are frequently, but not always, O365. If you have any recipients at e.g. sas.rutgers.edu that's IN MX 10 sas-rutgers-edu.mail.protection.outlook.com. and I'd expect you to find similar behavior.

Are we the only ones experiencing this, or are others seeing this as well?

Nope, we're seeing it as well, can easily replicate it, have a case open with MS about it, and contacted one particular ESP who apparently worked with MS on some sort of workaround that, in light of your message, may have been specialized to that explicit ESP. And this isn't 0day; I think I first heard rumors along these lines at least 3 weeks ago.

I'll toss your details over to the O365 side of the postmaster team here to append to our case...thanks for the additional data points, I suppose.

-Aaron Richton
Rutgers University, Office of Information Technology
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