Hi Vaibhav,

So if you have 12% open rate.. It means that for  every (100/12 =) 8.3
emails you send, one is relevant. It is my expectation, maybe Brandon knows
more, that your emails are not relevant enough. Is this really something
the subscribers asked for? Because they lack real engagement.

We all have "important" customers. That doesn't make it magically work.
They too should send out emails that people want to read. I think your 12%
openrate is pretty low (on the low end of what to accept). Good luck trying
to explain this to your customer.



P.S. Some metrics:
(and think of "what it can be" rather than "we are just a tad lower").

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> Hi,
> Recently I started working with one of the top Bank where we have setup
> dedicated infrastructure to send out emails.
> As per Gmail postmaster initially Delivery IP, sending domain used to
> carries high reputation with avg. 12% OR with no bounces & less
> unsubscribe. After few days Gmail suddenly started filtering emails as spam
> & reputation at Gmail Postmaster went down.
> We look at the historical dataset where we don't see any data point which
> might causes reputation to go down. We are sending emails to double opt in
> dataset, with avg. 10 to 15% user engagement on sent with less bounces &
> unsubscribes. Gmail postmaster show 0% spam rate / feedback loop.
> What could be the reason to filter emails as spam ? We tried to reach out
> Gmail postmaster team but could find any help.
> Currently we are sending emails with same setup with avg. 5% OR ( might
> few users are getting email in inbox ) where domain still carries low
> reputation & IP's are in HIGH reputation. Its been 15 days where we don't
> see any improvement here.
> Can anyone help me over here in terms of what is going wrong here ?
> --Vaibhav
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