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Recently I started working with one of the top Bank where we have setup
dedicated infrastructure to send out emails.

As per Gmail postmaster initially Delivery IP, sending domain used to
carries high reputation with avg. 12% OR with no bounces & less
unsubscribe. After few days Gmail suddenly started filtering emails as spam
& reputation at Gmail Postmaster went down.

We look at the historical dataset where we don't see any data point which might causes reputation to go down. We are sending emails to double opt in dataset, with avg. 10 to 15% user engagement on sent with less bounces &
unsubscribes. Gmail postmaster show 0% spam rate / feedback loop.

In my experience with the banking industry, they think of their email as something that their customers always want to read for sure. Unless you've handled the "double opt-in" yourself, I would be skeptical about that. Look for typoed email addresses as those are a telltale sign of hand-entered registrations.

Given your description, I think that these subscribers aren't really that interested in the bank's messages.

Never an easy speech to give to your customer.

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