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Do the recipients actually WANT the email?

Perhaps you?re sending too much of it.

Can the recipients control the volume, or at the very least opt out?

Well.. it's a little more complicated (and I suppose simple at the same
time than that.

For instance... I get wanted mail from my bank.  It's not marketing, and
it's largely transactional.  But to put it into context... these are the
subject lines.  Guess how many I open?  (answer - none at all, since the
subject line displayed in the client is enough).  I want all this mail,
but I don't need to see more than the subject to know what it's about,
and what that means for my bank account.

  $PAYEE added to $MYBANK Billpay
  Reminder to pay $PAYEE
  $PAYEE detals changed in $MYBANK Billpay
  $MYBANK - Your Online Banking Statement Is Available

For almost _all_ the double-opt in mail my bank sends me, there's no compelling reason to actually read the body of the message.

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