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One concern with respect to hat color I was thinking about was if there is a significant security threat from spear-phishing that is facilitated by the validating / guessing. From what has been mentioned so far, it seems not to be.

That said, some ESP have a different opinion from me, as I just read
this recent post:

PS: between the many email verification tools, Kickbox
(https://kickbox.com/about) have a claim "Kickbox is a white hat
service provider".
I find it interesting that logs here show briteverify using quite a few addresses of what seem to be guessing attempts with combinations of first name / last name / initials. Although their combinations are not as extensive as the first ones I cited, if these addresses only come from subscribers lists, how could these combinations get into these lists in the first place? Definitely not from "List decay". There is definitely a bad smell coming from someplace. In addition, some of the addresses they're verifying have been invalid for 15 years. "Decay" for those set in a pretty long time ago.

John J.

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