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> Hi Everyone,
> We are triggering OTP based mailer where we would expect emails to get 
> deliver within second from our delivery n/w to reception end. Currently we 
> are facing latency in terms of delivering emails to Gmail & other public ISP. 
> At Gmail we are able to deliver 70% emails less than 2sec where we expect all 
> emails to get deliver within 1 OR 2 sec. Does TLS encryption slow down the 
> delivery ? 

Not so as you can measure it. And non-TLS mail is likely to be less trusted, so 
sources of it may end up pushed to the back of the queue.

> Also, how we can optimized delivery latency over here ? 

You can't to the extent you're asking for. You're using the wrong protocol to 
get reliably low latency delivery. (On a bad day it can take hours to get email 
into Yahoo.) And once it's delivered to the recipients MX then there's more 
latency that you have no control over before it'll reach the recipients inbox, 
and still more before it'll reach their mail client.

There are technical things you can do to improve the latency for the best case 
(look at DNS latency for every query a recipient might make, as one example), 
but you can't do anything technical that'll have much effect on the typical 

Consistently sending email people want to receive with consistent volumes from 
a stable IP address (that's not, say, buried in the swamp that is ec2) using 
consistent domain authentication that's not used for any unwanted email will 
improve your reputation, make it more likely your mail is delivered to the 
inbox and may avoid some potentially high latency steps (deferrals, filtering).

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