An ESP called PostmarkApp publishes their own "time to inbox" metrics and
updates them every five minutes. Their numbers may be a good benchmark
reference point for you. See

They've generously published Ruby code for their "time to inbox"
measurement tool, in case anyone wants to conveniently measure and track
their own system's delivery latency:

(Suggestion for the PostmarkApp team: Use examples that *discourage* people
from putting username/password credentials in code. The credentials often
end up on GitHub and are stolen by bad actors who then use them for
spamming/phishing. Instead, one option is to have the code read the
credentials from environment variables or other arguments at run time.)

On Sat, Mar 10, 2018 at 3:23 AM, Vaibhav <> wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> We are triggering OTP based mailer where we would expect emails to get
> deliver within second from our delivery n/w to reception end. Currently we
> are facing latency in terms of delivering emails to Gmail & other public
> ISP.
> At Gmail we are able to deliver 70% emails less than 2sec where we expect
> all emails to get deliver within 1 OR 2 sec. Does TLS encryption slow down
> the delivery ?
> Also, how we can optimized delivery latency over here ?
> --Vaibhav
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