Mail has never been clean, if you've been using such a simple easy
rejection rule,
you are likely a majority English provider who doesn't get much else.

It used to be very common to get mail in koi8-r or koi8-u, or in
iso-2022-jp or sjis,
for example, or even in iso-8859-1 or others around Europe.  There are a
lot of
badly made form senders and such which never bothered to properly implement

Sure, you can throw that all away, and maybe that's fine for your users,
but it
is not all spam.

As most folks moved to utf-8 for everything instead of the mishmosh, more
of that
unencoded headers moved to utf-8 as well, so now that's the most common
8bit headers
now (for our mail flow).

It also turns out, most mailers handle this stuff just fine.  Heck, djb
noted this two decades ago:  Auto detecting which charset it is to
be nice can be annoying,
but isn't that complicated, and like I said, utf-8 is there.

Which is kind of understood in the SMTPUTF8 spec, isn't it, the specs don't
really have a way to
interoperate.  Yes, you can't send a message to an EAI address without
RFC6531 support, but
turns out most servers/clients will handle an RFC6532 message.

Yes, please, send correctly encoded messages, but don't assume that badly
encoded messages
are bad.


On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 10:33 AM Mark Milhollan <> wrote:

> But that's the From: comment and Subject: text where they're expected
> and already have a way to provide for encoded UTF-8 (or whatever), where
> SMTPUTF8 means we will likely begin seeing raw UTF-8 in the From:
> mailbox name, and anywhere in Received: and other headers.
> This will make MUAs and thus SPAMmers jobs easier by not having to
> encode where allowed and removes an easy rejection / scoring rule, but
> other than US(ish) have had a rotten time of it using their own scripts
> so something needed to be done.  I hesitate to guess how many web site
> e-mail address validators will suddenly be wrong(er) and thus the users
> are likely going to need US-ASCII only mailbox names (aliases?) anyway.
> /mark
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