Judging by the 1) lack of rDNS and 2) paucity of actual email traffic across 
all the IPs, I'd suggest it's *NOT* Office365, but more likely rogue machines 
in Azure.

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those are in our webserverlogs too.

Kind of related, anyone seeing

40.107.194.*/40.107.200.*/40.107.201.*/40.107.202.* etc ?

Microsoft IP's, I'm guessing they are somehow related to Office 365. And they 
are "clicking" unsubscribe-links (more or less randomly), against the 
recipients wishes.

On 2018-06-12 13:17, Stefano Bagnara wrote:

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>> [...]

>> I wanted to ask you if someone is experiencing misleading clicks ( caused by 
>> spam filters or something similar and not by bot farms ).

> Hi,


> Here are some of the IPs doing more "non-humans" clics in my list:



> ( and seem to have stopped in march).


> I didn't investigate on them.,.. but maybe you want to check your data.


> Stefano


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