Dnia  7.10.2019 o godz. 14:38:23 Brandon Long via mailop pisze:
> The way Google finds out that a sender is valid is people marking it
> not-spam.  We can
> trust (mostly, sorta, kinda) our receivers more than we can trust the
> senders.  Plus, that's
> our definition of spam, it's what our receivers don't want.

And that's what people *do* with my messages if they notice that they have
fallen into their spam folder. I have asked them to check, they did, and
they marked it non-spam. I even did it myself on some test accounts that I
created and sent mail to them trying to resolve the issue.

Then why are the messages still going to spam?

> I can say that our system thinks your netblock sends 1 out of 10000
> non-spam messages.  We likely don't
> have the accuracy to know that your messages are different enough, and you
> don't have the volume
> for us to be able to figure that out... ie, if your mail is going to spam
> and shouldn't, that means we're off
> by 0.01.

But for me it's by 100%, at least if we speak of new messages, ie. to people
to whom I write for the first time.

Then what could I do?
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