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> Dnia  7.10.2019 o godz. 15:14:34 Brandon Long via mailop pisze:
> > Because a handful of users marking them as not-spam isn't enough to
> overcome
> > the netblock signal.
> Well, I think that a company that has access to such amount of computing
> power as Google has, wouldn't have a problem to calculate reputation for
> individual IPs and not for the whole netblocks. Especially that only 120
> addresses in my /21 netblock are used to send mail, according to Talos
> Intelligence website.

Of course they have the capacity to do that and they do.

What value does the reputation calculation have of an IP that's sent 20
messages to us in the last 30 days?

This isn't a computation problem... well, at least until we reach the point
where we can run copies of every user
and ask the copy whether they want a particular message or not.  Of course,
you can't run a full A-level simulation
at that point, since then you couldn't erase it after or reset it, and over
time it would drift from what the original

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