For about 2 years now I've been asking the question...

When will Mailplane support... <insert name of really useful Gmail 
extension here>

And it's the same old answer every time... "Sorry, no plans yet. But thanks 
for requesting it. We’ll keep it in mind."

I mean come on guys...Grammarly, Mixmax, Trello, Mailtrack, Gmelius...

Mailplane is a really useful app and I've been a license holder for many 
years now but my license just sits there unused because of lack of support 
for these extensions and to be honest, it's dragging on a bit now.  I don't 
want to use Streak, or Rapportive, or Boomerang, or the same old plugins 
you've supported for many years...I want to see support for new really 
useful ones like the ones I've listed above.

So come on guys, take Mailplane to another level!!!

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