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On 16/02/17 02:47, Shyam wrote:

The 3.10 release tracker [1], shows 6 bugs needing a fix in 3.10. We
need to get RC1 out so that we can start tracking the same for a
potential release.

Request folks on these bugs to provide a date by when we can expect a
fix for these issues.

Request others to add any other bug to the tracker as appropriate.

Current bug list [2]:
  - 1415226: Kaleb/Niels do we need to do more for the python dependency
or is the last fix in?

  - 1417915: Vitaly Lipatov/Niels, I assume one of you would do the
backport for this one into 3.10

  - 1421590: Jeff, this needs a fix? Also, Samikshan can you provide
Jeff with a .t that can reproduce this (if possible)?

  - 1421649: Ashis/Niels when can we expect a fix to land for this?

I think this will require more thinking and participation from experts on security and selinux to come up with a good and clean solution. Not sure if this can be done before 3.10 release.

There is a workaround (set disperse.cpu-extensions = none) and a mitigating solution (patch https://review.gluster.org/16614) though.

  - 1421956: Xavi, I guess you would backport the fix on mainline once
that is merged into 3.10, right?

Yes. It's on review on master (https://review.gluster.org/16614). As soon as it's merged I'll backport it to 3.10.


  - 1422363: Poornima, I am awaiting a merge of the same into mainline
and also an update of the commit message for the backport to 3.10,
before merging this into 3.10, request you to take care of the same.

Pranith, is a bug filed and added to the tracker for the mail below?


[1] Tracker bug: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1416031

[2] Open bugs against the tracker:

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