On 02/01/2018 11:02 PM, Shyam Ranganathan wrote:
On 01/29/2018 05:10 PM, Shyam Ranganathan wrote:

I have posted an initial draft version of the release notes here [1].

I would like to *suggest* the following contributors to help improve and
finish the release notes by 06th Feb, 2017. As you read this mail, if
you feel you cannot contribute, do let us know, so that we can find the
appropriate contributors for the same.
Reminder (1)

Request a response if you would be able to provide the release notes.
Release notes itself can come in later.

Helps plan for contingency in case you are unable to generate the
required notes.


NOTE: Please use the release tracker to post patches that modify the
release notes, the bug ID is *1539842* (see [2]).

1) Aravinda/Kotresh: Geo-replication section in the release notes

2) Kaushal/Aravinda/ppai: GD2 section in the release notes

3) Du/Poornima/Pranith: Performance section in the release notes

4) Amar: monitoring section in the release notes

Following are individual call outs for certain features:

1) "Ability to force permissions while creating files/directories on a
volume" - Niels

2) "Replace MD5 usage to enable FIPS support" - Ravi, Amar

+ Kotresh who has done most (all to be precise) of the patches listed in https://github.com/gluster/glusterfs/issues/230 in case he would like to add anything.

There is a pending work for this w.r.t rolling upgrade support.  I hope to work on this next week, but I cannot commit anything looking at other things in my queue :(. To add more clarity, for fresh setup (clients + servers) in 4.0, enabling FIPS works fine. But we need to handle case of old servers and new clients and vice versa. If this can be considered a bug fix, then here is my attempt at the release notes for this fix:

"Previously, if gluster was run on a FIPS enabled system, it used to crash because gluster used MD5 checksum in various places like self-heal and geo-rep. This has been fixed by replacing MD5 with SHA256 which is FIPS compliant."

I'm happy to update the above text in doc/release-notes/4.0.0.md and send it on gerrit for review.


3) "Dentry fop serializer xlator on brick stack" - Du

4) "Add option to disable nftw() based deletes when purging the landfill
directory" - Amar

5) "Enhancements for directory listing in readdirp" - Nithya

6) "xlators should not provide init(), fini() and others directly, but
have class_methods" - Amar

7) "New on-wire protocol (XDR) needed to support iattx and cleaner
dictionary structure" - Amar

8) "The protocol xlators should prevent sending binary values in a dict
over the networks" - Amar

9) "Translator to handle 'global' options" - Amar


[1] github link to draft release notes:

[2] Initial gerrit patch for the release notes:
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