Hello folks,

Please welcome Deepshikha as a maintainer to the Gluster project.

For the last 8 months, Deepshikha has been a peer of the Continuous
Integration module for the Gluster project. During this time, she has
worked on improving our CI system. Some of her work include:

* Static analysis jobs running on Jenkins, allowing integration into the
nightly pipleline.
* Driving the line coverage job to completion with the help of Amar. We've
now got visibility into which parts of our system need work in terms of
more testing.
* Migration from Gerrit hook to Jenkins Job. This has given us the ability
to automate the bugzilla state recently.
* softserve.gluster.org - Rather than filing a bug to request a production
CI machine, developers can loan clean machines without manual intervention.

Deepshikha worked on the softserve project from code to deployment. And
thus, she has demonstrated the ability to design a project, build it, and
deploy it in production.

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