On Mon, 03 Jul 2017 22:56:03 +0200,
Kim Vandry wrote:
> when you wrote mairix. I've hinted before that I can take over support
> for mairix, such as it is. I just received a pull request on my fork

Hi kv

I have been a very happy user of mairix for a number of years now. I
think it would be nice if you volunteer to put some time into keeping
mairix up to date.

I would like to point you towards


I have been very happy with this patch, that implements

"-c           : try file name completion if maildir flags have changed\n"

which has been very helpfull in my setup usning Maildirs, offlineimap,
wanderlust with mairix.

I have checked your mairix git-rep and did not find the patch to be


Per Marker Mortensen <p...@markermortensen.dk>

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