>I am not familiar with the name Mantovano as it relates to Virgil.  Can
>you tell me the connection?

"Matovano" is the Italian for "Mantuan". The allusion is to the tenth and
last stanza of Tennyson's poem "To Virgil, written at the request of the
Mantuans for the nineteenth centenary of the poet's death", which goes:

"I salute thee, Mantovano,
        I that loved thee since my day began,
Wielder of the stateliest measure
        ever moulded by the lips of man."

The inscription which was said to have been placed on Virgil's tomb
declared that he was born in Mantua ("Mantua me genuit"), and it's clear
from various passages in his works that he lived in or near Mantua and knew
the countryside round about.

Simon Cauchi

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