Eight years ago, when this mailing list was just getting started, we discussed whether the contents should go in a public archive. The consensus was yes, and we did in fact begin archiving our discussions. Unfortunately, the site that was hosting the archive closed.

About a year ago, I found a new host for the archive, and began directing new messages to it. This was Jeff Breidenbach's, which is a free archiving service for mailing lists like this one.

Until yesterday, the archive went back to May 2003, which is when we started using the service. This week, however, Mr. Breidenbach successfully imported all of the previous correspondence from this group, going back to 1996 when we started. This was a courtesy on his part, not an obligation, and I am grateful to him for it.

The address for the new, very nearly complete archive is


1. When we discussed archiving in 1996, there were two people who objected to it. Since then, the archiving of all mailing lists, academic and otherwise, has become a standard practice. Where possible, however, I did remove any messages from those two senders. (It was not possible to do this for messages posted after May 2003.)

If, in the future, you do not want your contributions to this mailing list archived, include the header

        X-No-Archive: yes

in your message. But I would urge you perhaps NOT to do this.

There is one more irregularity in the archive, which Mr. Breidenbach is hoping to fix in the future. For reasons which are not very interesting to explain, about two dozen of the old messages got sidetracked. For the time being they are here:

It is to be hoped that these stragglers will one day be reunited with the main body of messages. For the present, though, they are at least online and available for browsing and searching.

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