Salvete Mantovani!

I am not too worried either, except that. like Leofranc, I haven't had any 
massages at all, and thus no opportunity to complain 
about them!

Seriously, I am not too bothered either way whether we stay here or move: "in 
utrumque paratus."

Curate ut pancratice valeatis

Scribebam Perthae apud Antipodas

On Thu Mar  1  0:31 , [EMAIL PROTECTED] sent:

>Or the delete button. Any sign of the nihilists who used to infest the list, 
>or have they all gone and got a life? (Sorry, I may be 
taking this too calmly because my ISP sets up dummy addresses and deletes 
automatically all copies of anything sent to 
them; in consequence I'm not getting the massages complained of.)
>> Hi ho. Time to switch servers, perhaps, David?
>> Colin Burrow


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