The problem is getting worse, not better. This mailing list has been running since 1996, and while the conversation has not always been constant, we've tried to keep it on target: meaning, about Virgil. I don't think we can do that anymore without changing systems.

I've been thinking about moving the list to Google Groups for a couple months. This will help with a couple of problems:

1. It should eliminate the silly commercials. No doubt Google will add some kind of advertising to our messages, but since they're not charging for the service, I think we can live with that.

2. For the better part of a year, someone has been using the subscription system to place ads. In response, I changed the subscription system so that it was no longer automatic. Hopefully that was transparent to all or most of you, but on my end it generates a LOT of junk mail, which I can't filter automatically because some of it is legitimate. Moving to Google Groups will solve this problem too.

One thing that won't change is the address: you will still be able to send messages to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

What will change?

To start, everyone who is now subscribed will receive an email from Google, inviting them to join the Mantovano discussion list. The process is slightly more complicated than what we have now, in that you will need to create a password and verify your humanity. Yes, you read that last part right: in order to stop spam robots, Google requires its subscribers to look at a picture of some random text and type in what they see. If you're blind, there's a way to work around that, so don't let that stop you.

I wish it could be simpler. For many, it will seem more trouble than it's worth, and I have no doubt we are going to lose, in the next week or so, a big chunk of our subscriber base (currently around 800).

Well, as Lucy van Pelt says, it's no use crying over sludged milk. If you have trouble, or just have questions, please email me personally at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Once we're under way, I'll start us off with a new topic. See you on the other side...

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