Also note: you can ignore my mention of 'restructured text' - just send me a txt file(s) and I can convert the notes to whatever format easily :)



On 2017-08-12 11:29 AM, Jeff McKenna wrote:
Also, if you need anything updated before FOSS4G (why not, great to announce this in Boston!) please send it to me this weekend and I will add it - but try to do that before Monday, as the FOSS4G chaos begins ha!


On 2017-08-12 11:24 AM, Jeff McKenna wrote:
Hi Astrid,

Comments inline below:

On 2017-08-11 3:28 AM, Astrid Emde wrote:
Hello Jeff,

I had a workshop wit ms4w and mapbender this week.

Worked fine.

Great! thanks for this feedback, I am glad it worked for you.

I only ran into trouble when we wanted to update Mapbender and run he app/console commands which seams not to be possible with php fcgi.

We downloaded php in the end and used the php.exe to rund the app/console commands.

It would be very helpful to me if you could file an MS4W ticket and state the exact commands and the problems that you had, and then I can fix that for the next release. Please file the ticket at

Now the question is:
1. can we provide a description at ms4w page somewhere? Or did I miss this page?

Yes of course. You can see a list of the applications at but if you want more details added, please send me the notes in Restructured Text format (.txt) and I will add it to that README (so it will be visible both online, and included in each installation).

2. Can we provide a text-file in the download package to provide important information?

yes, definitely. A normal .txt file is perfect. I will include that in the Mapbender3 package.

3. Can we provide information about Mapbender3 here?

yes, maybe your questions 1) and 3) can be combined: provide me a restructured text file containing Mapbender3 notes, and I can point to that inside the README, and also point to it on the download page. Is that ok?

ms4w makes it easy to use Mapbender and get it running. But if you want more complex features (new database, search, digitizer, your own template) you will need some background information.

What do you think?

Agreed. Let me know how to proceed.

thanks for this momentum! :)


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