Hi all,
We have one project on MapGuide where we use more base layers. We have found 2 
problems that occurs in Fusion client.

  1.  It looks like there is some problem with the order of base layers. We 
have 3 base layers - Plan, Parcels_1, Parcels_2 (defined in this order). But 
they are displayed in following order Parcels_2, Plan, Parcels_1 (Parcels_2 are 
on the top). Why it's not in the correct order?
  2.  In Fusion we have multiple maps, that we can switch using the Menu item 
"Maps". The both maps consist only of base layers. If we switch to another map, 
the base layers from previous map are still loading, even though they are not 
defined for the new map. If the maps don't contain base layers, the switch 
works correctly. What should we do so that it works correctly also with base 
We use MapGuide Version 2.6.
We have tested this project also on Version 3.0 with the same results.
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