I have a PostGIS database that has a good number of tables in it.  The Spatial 
Contexts has always showed all the coordinate systems of the various tables.  I 
added a table recently, that uses a 10TM coordinate system, EPSG3400.  The 
feature source does not seem to want to list this coordinate system.

I have edited the XML and added any entry manually and it shows up in the list. 
 However, when I Preview the feature source and look at its geometry properties 
it has choosen the Context named sc_3, which is not the correct context.

Any ideas as to why it doesn't detect the correct coordinate system or how I 
can force it to use my manually added context?

(The data source in PostGIS definitely shows the right Coordinate System and I 
can use a program like global mapper to see that it is correctly interpreted.

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