You'll have to use Advanced Stylization to achieve most of this. I say most,
as unfortunately label width is not controllable.

Firstly, make a simple symbol definition

In this Symbol Definition, set up symbol parameters for
 - Label (String)
 - SizeY (Real)
 - Any other style properties you may have

Add a Text Graphics element to this Symbol Definition and in its properties,
map whatever applicable settings to their respective symbol parameter (NOTE:
In Maestro, any field with a [...] button beside it denotes a symbol
property that can be mapped to a symbol parameter)

Then in your label Layer Definition, enable Composite Styles (remove
area/line/point styles if already specified), add a new Point Composite
Style. Replace the default symbolization component with a reference to your
new symbol definition. Then add your available symbol parameters and set
their values to FDO property expressions for your equivalent PostGIS columns
containing this information.

Now I said label width is not controllable, but you *may* be able to hack
around that by editing the symbol instance properties on that composite
style rule and setting the ScaleX to some FDO expression involving some
formula involving SizeY and string length of the label.

Hope that helps.

- Jackie

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