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posted to MapHist and (for the UK angle) lismaps

Mary Pedley has alerted me to this second section of the The King William's 
College, Isle of Man, UK, quiz 2011 - 'Home of probably the hardest quiz in the 

1 Who designed forty-four maps for a 120m long corridor?

2 In which map is a cross-legged Caesar Augustus wearing the triregnum?

3 Whose original map of old Gwynedd shows Neptune embracing a naked lady?

4 Who first used continuous and broken lines to indicate fenced and unfenced 

5 Whose map can be seen in different paintings by the Delft master in the 
Rijksmuseum and the Frick Collection?

6 Whose map of the British Isles was decorated with portraits of post-conquest 
monarchs up to and including James I and Anne of Denmark?

7 Who placed an ostrich and an elephant on the map he presented to Selim I?

8 Which OS competitors included a vignette of Appleby among their county maps?

9 Whose name was adopted for a cartographic museum in the Land de Waas?

10 Who made a presentation of a giant atlas to the king on his restoration?

"The answers will appear in the Guardian and on the King William's College 
website some time in January"

Tony Campbell

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