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Unlike John Day or Kit Batten, I do use forums. Unfortunately, there is one
forum where I spend vast quantities of my time, so I really don't desire
another forum to follow. For people like myself, and for people like John
and Kit who may not be "forum fans"...

I created a MapHist Google group when these impending changes were
announced, in anticipation of continuing the email format of MapHist. But
then there was hope that MapHist listserv might be continued by Dr. Zsolt
perhaps as part of International Society for the History of the Map, so I
immediately shelved the MapHist Google Group and had not even thought about
it until your message today. Has there been any update on the possibility
of Dr. Torok or someone else continuing MapHist listserv?

If not, would this be of interest?

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Jay Lester
Chapel Hill, NC
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