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This is my annual request for information that might be relevant for the
'Chronicle' section in Imago Mundi: the International Journal for the
History of Cartography.

Please send me any information that you think might be of interest to an 
international audience.  It should be news relating to the past twelve 
months [though I can store future details for use next year] and it should 
be of direct concern to the history of cartography. I should already have 
all news contained in MapHist and lismaps messages.

We are seeking information relating to the following headings:

1. Personal News - deaths, significant appointments, prizes & awards,
research fellowships, and doctorates

2. Conferences & Meetings [obviously I use John Docktor's listing < > but there are always some events that are never
publicised]. Individual talks are not listed.

3. Institutional & General News

4. Exhibitions [again, I use John Docktor's listing < >]

5. Notable Acquisitions by institutions, "featuring only collections,
manuscript material, and rare or bibliographically important printed
atlases, maps, charts and globes".

6. Unusual items that have come up for sale.  [This section is compiled by
Tom Harper <>.  Please send information directly to him].

For further details and sample entries, please see 
< >

'Chronicle' is the official record of what has happened in our field over
the previous year.  Its completeness depends, to a considerable extent, on
what is supplied by others.  If you have any information that you think
might be relevant, please send it to me, and I can decide if it is
appropriate or not. Do not worry if you think I may already have the
information.  It is better if details are sent to me four times than not at

Information about publications, for the Bibliography, should be sent,
please, to Wouter Bracke < >

To meet this year's deadline, I need information please as soon as

Thank you.

Tony Campbell
Editor of the Imago Mundi 'Chronicle'

For further information please see:  [journal homepage] [information, subscriptions and sales - 
Routledge (Taylor & Francis/Informa)] [back issues via JSTOR
subscription - in 'Arts & Sciences Complement']

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