Dear Jacqueline

The layout is a mapinfo table. You can select objects form it in the
same way you can with any other table.

Hardest part is working out the table name if you have more than 1
layout particularly if you also have deleted layouts.

If you just create one layout, then the table name is layout1. If you
delete this and then create another in the same session though this
becomes layout2.

Looping through all tables with left$( ,6) layout finds them. Then loop
for obj type of frame. Then read back object geography to get frame
width. If frame width equals nWidth mm and scale of 1250 wanted then set
map window width to 
        Set Map Width (nWidth * 1250/1000) units "m"

The divide by 1000 is to convert mm to m.

Hope this helps. It certainly works a treat in our ProPrinter product!



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>Hi Everyone,
>I need some assistance..
>What I'm trying to do is create a mbx where I can set the scale of maps we
>produce in the layout window eg 1:10 000.  I'm trying to use the formula
>provided last year by Andrew Young which uses map scale, layout frame scale
>and zoom window width.  I can get the values for map scale and for zoom
>window width but haven't been able to find out how for layout frame scale
>(the value denoted as scale on paper).  So any suggestions would be great
>either to get this value or another way of setting map scales automatically.
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