Great thanks to Jason Adam, Patrick Phillips, Simon Hume, Marc Pelosse,
   Martin Hodder, and all our list friends. My problem of moving objects in
   MapInfo was solved. Here I summarize the main three solutions:

     The most accurate way to accomplish that would be to first Export as a
     MID/MIF table. Open your MIF file in Notepad, and add the line:
     Transform 0,0,0,2000   'that's for %X, %Y, metresX, and metresY. Make sure
     your Projection clause line supports Meters for the MapUnits parameter
     (there will be a 7 in the first 2 or 3 digits). Now import the file back to
     One solution consists of exporting your tab file in DXF, and then import it
     and specify the parameters for the transformation.
     Look into the possibility of there being an Offset function of the
     feature.obj.  This is easy to do with MapX and VB.
     Public Sub MoveFeature(Feat As MapXLib.Feature, FeatX_distance As Double,
     Y_distance As Double)
         Feat.Offset X_distance, Y_distance
     End Sub
   Thanks very much again for your great help.

   Best regards,

   David Hou

   David Dewen Hou
   Blockbuster Entertainment Group
   1201 Elm Street, Dallas, TX 75270
   Tel: 1.214.854.3583  Fax: 1.214.854.4331

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