Hi everyone - thank you all again for the help I have received, you are a
great group.

My new dilemma is:
I have regional tables that lists my Check Up Centers by ID#, County,
Directory #, Site name, address, and hospital code.  I put this table in a
frame on my layout, the why isn't important.  What I want to do is have my
table sorted by county, they are now sorted by ID#.  I saved the table as an
Access file (it was originally part of a larger Access file), then opened it
up in Access, sorted by county and saved it.  When I went back into MI and
reopened my table in MI it was still sorted by the ID#.  I went back into
Access and repeated my original steps, made sure the county line in the design
view it was indexed and duplicates ok, saved it, reopened it in Access and it
was sorted by county.  Then went BACK into MI thinking I had fixed the problem
and sonofagun the table was back in the ID# sort.  The ID# is the first column
in these tables, is that why its sorting that way?

Hope all you in the US have a great 4th of July!

Thank you
Sarah Myers,
Preventive Care Operations
Blue Cross of California

Work like you don't need the money.
Love like you've never been hurt.
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Sing like no one is listening.
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