A company I'm working for has a piece of software called TOPO!, and this 
came with a large number of maps and DEM's of southern California on CD. I 
think the more detailed maps are derived from the USGS 7.5" quad sheets and 
these are on a CD as .gif files. I assume the DEM's are also derived from 
USGS sources, and these are present as .txt files. There is also a series 
of .txt gazetteer files. I'd like to import these maps into MI, and the 
DEM's as well. Has anyone had any experience with this software, or any 
ideas on how to go about this? I'm using MI 5.0 and I've also got the 
Discover add-on. I'd rather avoid having to bring the maps in as .gif's and 
then registering them.


Tim Warman MSc
Geologist & GIS Specialist
Manson Warman Assoc.
Los Angeles
(310) 207-0781

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