I am in a workspace with 32 tables and 12 queries based on the open tables
28 mappers, 4 layouts, 5 legends and MapBasic window are open.

When I go to clone a mapper window I get a MapInfo "Info" dialog telling me
"Unable to open filename.IND. Too many files open"?
MI does not crash, but each time view command is issued I get this dialog?

Obviously I have reached some sort of limit?

I have checked the documentation and only found "MaxFiles" registry setting
relating to this.
Upon reading MaxFiles, it does not limit the no. of tables you can open,
only the no. of tables you can edit at one time (Ch2, Pg18, User's Guide).

I am using MI V5.01. Installed on WINNT4 SP4.

Has anyone else come across this, is it a limitation of MI?

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