>I had to select all the objects in TAB1 that don't intersect any object
>in TAB2, and, in another query, all the objects in TAB1 that do
>intersect any object in TAB2.
>It works:
>"Select TAB1.COL1 from TAB1,TAB2 where TAB1.OBJ intersects TAB2.OBJ".
>It gives the TAB1.OBJ's that intersect any TAB2.OBJ.
>It doesn't work:
>"Select TAB1.COL1 from TAB1,TAB2 where not (TAB1.OBJ intersects
>The error message was (from italian) "You didn't specify how to join
>TAB1 and TAB2. Invalid condition in the 'where' box".
>I didn't find the correct logic (or syntax).

Try this:

Select TAB1.COL1 from TAB1 where not (TAB1.OBJ intersects any (select obj from TAB2))


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